An Ngo

An Hoang Ngo.JPG

Drexel University,

Lebow College of Business, 2023

Major(s): Marketing, Business Analytics

Minor(s): Photography, Video Production

Language: Vietnamese (fluent), English (fluent)

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office, Adobe


An Ngo, a sophomore at Drexel University studying Marketing and Business Analysis. His main areas of study are about creative art and business, analyzing data numbers. He was born and raised in a city called Hanoi, Vietnam. His favorite thing to do is taking photos of the city and people. Since he was a small kid, he has always loved photography since his father is an artist. An’s mother is a businesswoman who inspired him to be in the business field. In high school, He was the producer of a 4500-person concert, the president of a photography club and he used to work as a part-time photographer. He loves traveling and exploring new things and new places around the world. His goals in life are to experience as much as he can because he can use that knowledge to inspire other people. An took part in a social project called The Human Library with the aim to address people's prejudices by helping them to talk to those they would not normally meet in 2017. 2018, he started his journey in the US. America is very special to him because he’ll have a chance to spend his next 5 years in an amazing environment. An was in the executive board and photographer of the Vietnamese Student Association. 2019, he is the director of creative design in Ascend Pan-Asian Leaders to help the young professionals grow their careers and network.