Sofiya Pavlova

Sofiya Pavlova.jpeg

University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts and Sciences, 2021

Major: Economics, International Relations Minor: German

Languages: Russian (fluent), English (fluent), German (intermediate, 5-6 years)

Computer Skills: R-Language, MATLAB, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)


Sofiya Pavlova is a 3rd-year student at the University of Pennsylvania studying Economics and International Relations with a minor in German. Her primary academic focus is on International Economics and International Law. Having lived in Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates and Austria she developed a passion for global politics and development economics, especially in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. She is fluent in Russian and English, and is planning to continue her study of German. In the Summer of 2018, Sofiya was an asset management intern for Julius Baer, where she assisted the Swiss Economic Mission in preparing for their visit to Central Asia with research and analysis and analyzed the possible expansion of Julius Baer into Central Asia. At the University of Pennsylvania, she is the Program Coordinator and a Research Assistant for the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program. During the upcoming summer, Sofiya will be working as a Fixed Income Sales and Trading Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley.