Neil Nabar

Neil Nabar.png

Graduate from George Mason University, Schar School of Policy and Government, 2018

Major: Political Science and International Relations

Languages: English (fluent), Hindi (Fluent), Marathi (Native), German (2 years).

Computer Skills: SPSS, Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Basic Excel)

Neil Nabar, is a recent graduate from George Mason University with a bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Relations. His main areas of study are in competitive politics and global governance. His experience as being an international student from India have helped shape his interest in the field of international relations with a focus on the South Asia Region in particular. He is fluent in the languages of English, Hindi, Marathi and plans to continue his study of the German language. In the spring of 2018 Neil was an intern for the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training where he summarised the interviews of Former American diplomats which he converted into articles and posted on the website of the organisation. Furthermore Neil audited coursed for the Foreign Service Institute during his time there. At George Mason University, Neil was a Research Assistant For Professor Jenine R. Wedel as well as part of the 2018 Global Politics Fellows Cohort. Neil is currently applying to grad school for further studies.