Erika Gustafson

Erika Gustafson.jpg

University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts and Sciences, 2021, Vagelos MLS Scholar B.A. in Physics and Biochemistry, M.S. in Chemistry

Language: Mandarin (conversational)

Computer Skills: Python, Linux, Java, MATLAB, GAMESS, Excel, LaTeX, PowerPoint, and Word


Erika Gustafson is a Junior at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a bachelors in Physics and Biochemistry and a masters of science in Chemistry through the Vagelos MLS program. In the summer of 2019, Erika was an undergraduate researcher for the Rappe Group, a theoretical and computational chemistry research lab at Penn. This experience provided her with the opportunity to lead a research team focusing on discovering the mechanism for the oxygen-catalyzed polymerization of acrylates. She is also an active member of Penn’s political community, serving as the Vice President of Penn For Liberty and the Libertarian Caucus Chair for the Penn Political Union, where she hosts and participates in monthly student-led debates regarding political topics of international interest.