Joseph Luongo

Joseph Luongo.png

Joseph Luongo is junior at Villanova University studying Political Science and Economics. His main areas of study are Global Political Economy and Democratic Consolidation. As well as interning with the Think Tank and Civil Societies Program, Joseph has immersed himself in the political spheres of Southeast Pennsylvania. He interned for the Montgomery County Republican Committee as an Assistant Field Director throughout the 2018 midterm elections where he knocked on thousands of doors for various State Senators and State Representatives. Joseph went on to become the President of the College Republicans at Villanova University and the Southeast Regional Field Director for the Pennsylvania Board of College Republicans. In Summer 2019 he began an internship with the Pennsylvania Republican Party and has been hired as a Field Organizer for the 2019 and 2020 General Elections. As a Field Organizer for the state party he organized dozens of volunteers from colleges and universities throughout Southeast Pennsylvania to campaign for local Republican Commissioners, Township Representatives, and Superior Court Judges.