Amelia Galbraith

University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts and Sciences, 2021

Majors: Urban Studies and Hispanic Studies

Language: English (fluency), Spanish (proficiency, 8 years of experience)

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Social Explorer, GIS, PolicyMap


Amelia Galbraith is a Junior at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a double major in Urban Studies and Hispanic Studies. She was born and raised in Berkeley, California. Her main areas of interest include criminal justice reform, immigration policy, and education equality. She hopes to further her knowledge of international development and global health during her time in the TTCSP internship program. Amelia spent the Summer of 2019 working as a consultant with Envoy Growth, an impact oriented advisory firm. Her main project was in partnership with Prosecutor Impact, a non-profit organization working to empower prosecutors in District Attorney offices across the country to utilize their influence in the courtroom to eliminate mass incarceration. Through this work, Amelia learned about the various policies and practices that fuel mass incarceration and researched initiatives being promoted in different municipalities to reform the criminal justice system. At the University of Pennsylvania, Amelia participated in the 2019 Encompass Fellowship, a semester long program that culminates in a ten day trip to Israel and Palestine during which she and 25 other students grappled with the political and social conflict in the area. Additionally, Amelia was a research assistant for a Penn Ph.D. student in the Graduate School of Education where she organized academic and social media data to evaluate students’ coping mechanisms with trauma. On campus, Amelia tutors for the West Philadelphia Tutoring Project, is a member of BARS (Beyond Arrests, Re-Thinking Systematic Oppression), and works at William’s Café. She is continuing to work for Prosecutor Impact for the rest of the semester and will be going abroad to Sevilla, Spain in the Spring 2020 semester.