Yixin Jin

Yixin_Jin - Amelia Jin.jpg

University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Policy & Practice, 2021

Master: Social Policy + Data Analytics Master: Economics and Management of Agriculture and Forestry

Language: Cantonese (fluent), Mandarin (fluent), Teochew (fluent), English (fluent)

Computer Skills: [Programming]: STATA, Python, R-Language, MATLAB, SPSS, Visual Basic, SQL, Tabulae, Access, LaTeX; [Visualization]: Visio, Adobe Photoshop; Adobe After Effect; Adobe Premiere Pro, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Email: yixinjin@upenn.edu

Yixin Jin, an Enthusiast in data-driven story-telling, is a first-year master student at the University of Pennsylvania studying Social Policy and Data Analytics with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management of Agriculture and Forestry at China Agricultural University, one of the world-class universities in China. Her main areas of study are in Applied Economics and Development Economics. Her experiences as a diverse education background in both Economics, Social Policy, and Data Analytics equips her with the solid knowledge background of social science theories and methods as well as pragmatically know-how with industrial practices. Taking advantage of her two universities’ leading education and research, along with its strong connection with government and think tanks, her entire education is coupled with real-world industrial economy issues covering agricultural production, rural development, resource, and environmental protection. She is now actively seeking a great chance to step into a career in the consulting and think tank industries. During the past few years, she was engaged with delivering public goods for the public sector and private sector, from both theoretical and practical perspectives. She once built a public welfare brand, ToysRun, helping the children with catastrophic illnesses from underprivileged families in China raise money for medical treatment in Beijing. She built a profile of the potential donators for the children, and effectively bridged them based on the cooperation with two fast-moving merchants to realize sustainable fundraising. Theoretically, she participated in several projects as a research assistant, including the projects in Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Sciences, doing the work of data processing and literature reviews. Based on the systematic training offered by official organizations, she then led a research project in China Agricultural University to investigate the correlation between fathers and the left-behind children’s non-cognitive abilities, demonstrating research ability in both independent and teamwork environment. Outside the academic research area, Yixin once worked as a data analyst intern in Didi Chuxing and a business development intern in Thermo Fisher, where she expanded her research skills to create market values in the business area.