William Lay

Villanova University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 2022

Major: Political Science

Minor: Spanish

Language: English (fluent), Spanish (6 years)

Email: wlay@villanova.edu

William Lay, known as Billy to his peers, is a Sophomore at Villanova University studying Political Science, with a minor in Spanish. In the Summers of 2018 and 2019, he worked as a community outreach intern for his state Representative in Illinois, and has experience in community outreach and communications. At Villanova University he is on the Executive Board of Villanova College Democrats as the Secretary, helping to plan weekly meetings and set up different events for the organization. Also at Villanova University he is a member of the Sophomore Service Learning Community, in which he takes part in weekly volunteering activities helping at a local Philadelphia school. In addition, since 2019 he has been an intern in the Think Tank and Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania. In this role he has conducted research on the future of think tanks.