Taylor Lawritson

Villanova University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 2021

Majors: Peace and Justice, Political Science

Minor: English Language: English (fluent)

Computer Skills: Java, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, basic Excel), Social Media

Email: tlawrits@villanova.edu

Taylor Lawritson is a Junior at Villanova University studying Peace and Justice and Political Science with a minor in English. Her main areas of study are in women’s incarceration and drug policy. Her experiences as a current volunteer at the organization Sisters Returning Home, a non-profit operating in Philadelphia which provides re-entry support to formerly incarcerated women, has encouraged her to study the philosophy of incarceration and incarceration abroad. A National Merit scholar, Taylor spent high school interning for both the late John McCain as well as the Center for Ubiquitous Cognitive Computing at Arizona State University. In 2018, Taylor attended the Greater Philadelphia Area’s Gender and Women’s Study Consortium, where she presented on religion and the expectations of women in the fifteenth century. At Villanova University, Taylor is the Co-Chair for Mission and Messaging of the Sophomore Service Learning Community, a member of Phi Sigma Pi, the honors fraternity, and an alto 1 in the Haveners, Villanova’s oldest all-female a cappella group. She also works as a hostess and is a member of the Wooden Shoe Collective.