Hai Anh (Andrea) Ngo

Andrea Ngo.png

Drexel University, Lebow College of Business, 2018-2023

Major: Finance

Minor: Business Analytics

Language: Vietnamese (fluent), English (fluent), Mandarin (conversational)

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, basic Excel)

Email: ahn45@drexel.edu

Hai Anh, also known as Andrea amongst her peers, is a Sophomore at Drexel University currently pursuing a 5-year undergraduate degree in Finance with minor in Business Analytics. As a Vietnamese student who is well-aware of and immersed in the cross-cultural environment of the US and the city of Philadelphia, she is seeking an opportunity to start up her professional career from an early stage of getting her bachelor’s degree. Her experiences of growing up in Vietnam and studying abroad in the United States shaped her interest in international politics and economy, most specifically in Asia. She is fluent in Vietnamese and English and plans to continue her study of the Chinese language. With the aspiration to be an enterprising business major, her main areas of interest are consulting, forecasting, budgeting, financial modeling, and analytics. At Drexel University, Andrea is an active student as she is involved with many leadership roles on campus. From social to professional organizations, Andrea always brings positive energy and dedication to wherever she goes. Thanks to her experiences with business projects and case competitions, she was able to gain skills that helped her grow as a person and a businesswoman.