Eva Gonzalez

Eva Gonzalez.JPG

Eva Gonzalez University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts and Sciences, 2022

Major: Political Science Minor: Hispanic Studies, Economic Policy

Language: English (fluent) Spanish (proficient, 5 years)

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, basic Excel), Website Design

Email: evagonz@sas.upenn.edu

Eva Gonzalez, is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania studying Political Science with minors in Hispanic Studies and Economic Policy. Her main interests lie in American foreign policy and international development. She plans to continue her study of Spanish through her minor in Hispanic Studies to work in international development in Latin America. In the Summer of 2018, Eva conducted research at the University of Pennsylvania into the authoritarian upswing in Eastern Europe, specifically through a comparative analysis of the governmental functions of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Hungary. At the University of Pennsylvania, she is also the co-director of Penn Leads the Vote and the VP of United Nations Programming for the Penn Policy Consulting Group.