The Go-To Think Tank Directory

As the first step in a larger initiative to advance conversation between policy research, analysis, and engagement institutions, the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program is creating an online directory featuring the organizational profiles of the world’s top think tanks. The profiles will take the form of power point presentations that many organizations have developed for internal (new staff orientation) or external (fundraising and external relations) purposes. This can include an overview of your organizational model, stakeholders, funding, research programs, political affiliations, strategy, new initiatives, senior leadership, and impact.

It is our belief that bridges between policy research institutions and their analysts and scholars can be formed at many levels that often transcend academic disciplines and national and political boundaries. We are confident that by presenting the diversity of programs and organizational models in a variety of local, national, and global contexts, we can facilitate the exchange of information and best practices among think tanks and policy-oriented non-governmental organizations around the world.